Casting round-up with tidbits on Daniel Radcliffe, Paul Walker, Wentworth Miller, and Ice Cube

- Daniel Radcliffe has found his second post-HARRY POTTER role (the first being the gothic horror film THE WOMAN IN BLACK) with the indie drama titled THE AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER. Taking place in the 1970s, the film "follows a young man who discovers his artistic calling after being drafted by the denizens of a sleepy little New England mill town to serve as photographer of their most intimate moments. He battles local authorities while bringing a bit of a velvet revolution to the community." Welsh writer/director Christopher Monger - author of the original book - will helm the project from a script he himself adapted. [Via Variety]

- Paul Walker has signed on to star in a Fred Durst film. The promising EDUCATION OF CHARLIE BANKS director and Limp Bizkit frontman will be at the helm of a new thriller called PAWN SHOP CHRONICLES. The film will feature interconnected stories that "center on a missing wedding ring which leads to a wild-goose chase involving meth addicts, skinheads and an Elvis impersonator." Producer Jordan Schur calls the film "a hillbilly Pulp Fiction." [Via THR]

- Wentworth Miller, star of Fox's "Prison Break" and writer of Park Chan-wook's upcoming English-language debut STOKER, has signed on to star as the lead of the indie dramedy ANALOG. Mike Million (TENURE) will direct from his own 2005 Blacklist screenplay about "an introverted genius who tries to find a love connection in an increasingly digital world." [Via Variety]

- Ice Cube and his famous grimace are in negotiations to join the hodgepodge cast of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in the upcoming 21 JUMP STREET. He'll be playing the role of the precinct captain. Cube is also getting ready to shop CHROME AND PAINT - a gritty urban drama about the custom car culture of South Central Los Angeles - as a writing and directorial project (which would be his first feature since 1998's THE PLAYERS CLUB). [Via Deadline]
Extra Tidbit: Ice Cube has a proposed N.W.A. biopic in the works from WORLD TRADE CENTER writer Andrea Berloff. Would looove to see that.
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