Casting roundup: Matt Damon, Peter Stormare, Ryan Reynolds, and possibly Chris Hemsworth

Matt Damon, Ryan Reynolds, and Chris Hemsworth

In today's casting roundup we've got a re-team, a new-team, an in-talks, and an offer. I wish I could have more concrete news, but if I made it so I would then be lying.  And I've heard a rumor that lying is frowned upon in certain journalistic circles.

First up, Terry Gilliam is doing that thing he does where he scores fantastic casts for his films.  THE ZERO THEOREM already boasts Christoph Waltz, Tilda Swinton, and David Thewlis - who else could there be to add to that trio and make it a sextet? How about Matt Damon, Peter Stormare, and Sanjeev Bhaskar (LONDON BOULEVARD).  I don't know Bhaskar's work well (he seems to be a rather established British television actor), but if Gilliam liked him then I now like him.  There's no word on the characters to be played by Stormare or Bhaskar, but we do have a few details on how Damon came to be involved and the unique look they're going for with his character.  "'I'm just doing a very small part in it,'" says Damon.  "'Someone finally gave him money to do this one, thank God. It's with Christoph Waltz and Tilda Swinton. I'd do anything for Terry. It's been ten years since I last worked with him [on THE BROTHERS GRIMM]. I wrote Terry this whole e-mail, because we had this whole conversation about what the character would look like, because the story takes place in the future, but he had a specific look that he wanted, but then I had to [shave my head for ELYSIUM], and I said, 'Terry, what should we do?' And he said, 'Actually, we can take advantage of the fact that your head is shaved. Why don't we change your hairline?' So he mocked up a picture and sent me a real receding hairline, with white spiked hair. 'We might as well take advantage of the fact that you're bald and really do something, present you in a way you've never been seen before.'" (Facebook, Vulture)

Terry Gilliam's photoshop skills

Here's a piece of Photoshopped fun Gillaim threw together to announce the casting of Stormare and Bhaskar

Next, we have Ryan Reynolds working harder to break from the stereotype of past parts by being in talks to star in THE VOICES.  Written by Michael R. Perry (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY) and to be directed by Marjane Satrapi (the Oscar-nominated animated feature PERSEPOLIS), production is set to start early next year on the story of "Jerry Hickfang, a lovable but strange bathtub factory worker who yearns for the attention of a woman in accounting. When their relationship takes a sudden murderous turn, Jerry’s evil talking cat and benevolent talking dog lead him down a fantastical path that ultimately brings him to salvation."  I assume this'll play a bit to Reynolds' comedic talents, but I'm suitably intrigued where else it might take him. (Deadline New York)

Finally, Chris Hemsworth has been offered the lead in AMERICAN ASSASSIN.  Already set to star Bruce Willis as the main character's mentor, AMERICAN ASSASSIN is based on the 11th book in Vince Flynn's series of espionage novels and "explains how tragedy transformed [Mitch] Rapp from a college scholar and athlete into a ruthless hunter of terrorists for the CIA."  Hemsworth has reportedly been offered $10 million to play the part, with Jeffrey Nachmanoff (TRAITOR, "Homeland") on tap to direct.  Production is hoped to start in the fall of 2013 for what is (no doubt) hoped to be a new film franchise. (Deadline New York)

Blake Lively and Leighton Meester eating ice cream

Ryan Reynolds married Blake Lively.  Blake Lively did this photo shoot with Leighton Meester involving ice cream.  Ergo this photo is valid twice over.

Extra Tidbit: Go see TRAITOR! The movie looks great, it's got a fun cat-and-mouse game between Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce, and there's some interesting moral questions going on to boot. Not to mention it has Neal McDonough, and the world could always use more Neal McDonough.
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