Catching Fire sets another writer alight

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With Lionsgate very quickly getting all of its ducks in order for the fast-approaching late-Summer  start date of CATCHING FIRE, Oscar winner Michael Arndt (LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, TOY STORY 3) is currently in talks to rewrite the screenplay by fellow Oscar winner Simon Beaufoy (SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE).

Arndt has also worked quite a bit on Disney's upcoming action-adventure Snow White project THE ORDER OF THE SEVEN, so he's definitely famililar with the action side of things.  There's no word on how far his punching-up of Beaufoy's script will go, i.e. whether it's just a new coat of paint or a more intensive reworking.

You can look for many more obvious puns in the future as production begins towards the end of August and we draw closer to the Thanksgiving 2013 release date.  In other words, that weekend when so many of those crisp bills in my wallet are gone as suddenly as if they'd caught fire because the odds are definitely not in favor for my not seeing CATCHING FIRE. 

I'm done, promise.  For now anyway...

Michael Arndt and his Oscar

Extra Tidbit: Arndt worked as an assistant to Matthew Broderick, until he had to quit in order to finish LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. Yeah, I'd say that paid off rather well. Lucky bastard.



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