Catherine Zeta-Jones cast as a new villain in the Rock of Ages musical

Catherine Zeta-Jones has been in a musical (CHICAGO)... as a villain... and even won an Oscar for it to boot! Playing a baddie in Adam Shankman's upcoming ROCK OF AGES should be a cinch.

But rather than portraying another vampy seductress, Jones will instead take on a role described by director Shankman himself as "if Tipper Gore and Anita Bryant had a love child. She is this hardcore, moral majority, arch-conservative who wants to shut down rock 'n roll in the great city of Los Angeles." The part was not in the original Broadway musical, but has recently been created for the purposes of the film adaptation to "streamline the stories." Whatever that means.

ROCK OF AGES - starring Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Mary J. Blige, Paul Giamatti, Julianne Hough, and Diego Gonzalez Boneta - "tells the story, replete with hair-band music, of a small-town girl (Hough) who comes to Hollywood for the 1980s music scene and is nearly destroyed by it. Although she falls for a budding musician named Drew (Boneta), she also catches the eye of Stacee Jaxx (Cruise), an arrogant rocker at the height of his career, ends up as a stripper in a club run by Blige but also finds true love at the end." The film is scheduled to begin production May 19th in Miami.

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Source: THR



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