Cee Lo Green to get stuck between the moon and New York City for Arthur?

Cee-Lo had the best single of 2010 with his modern classic "F*ck You." Since it's modest release on YouTube last summer, it became a viral hit, was edited to "Forget You" for radio and sung by Gwyneth Paltrow on "Glee." Now I'm fully sick of it but that's not to deny Cee-Lo has a pretty bright future ahead of him outside of Gnarls Barkley.

At the Independent Spirit Awards this past weekend, MTV caught up with ARTHUR star Greta Gerwig who said that Cee-Lo will be collaborating with producer Mark Ronson for a remake of Christopher Cross' "Arthur's Theme." You know, that annoying "the best you can do is fall in love" song from the original ARTHUR. Yeah, the one that makes you want to jab BBQ skewers in your ears every time it comes on the radio.

The details of Green's involvement in the remake aren't fully clear at this point but Gerwig says she met the rapper-crooner at a recent cast/crew screening of the movie and talked about it with him.

I love Cee-Lo and Ronson but boy oh boy do I hate that song. Is it possible that they can make it listenable? And who will be ballsy enough to do a remake of "Sailing?"

Source: MTV



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