Chadwick Boseman is the latest actor linked with the role of Black Panther

Back when casting was underway for Edgar Wright's ANT-MAN, everyone was suspected to play the lead, including Armie Hammer. During an interview, Hammer stumbled over his words which many, including myself, read a little too much into as being possible evidence he would be getting the lead role. In the end, Paul Rudd got the lead and the Internet returned to paranoid normalcy. Now, we have another non-denial during an interview, but this time for the yet to be announced role of Black Panther.

During the red carpet for DRAFT DAY, Chadwick Boseman was cornered by Black Tree TV and asked about his various projects including the rumor that he may be in contention for the Marvel hero from Wakanda. He was previously linked to the role about a year ago and since then we have heard a half dozen ore potential contenders, but here he is again. Boseman, like every actor linked to the secretive Marvel, denied it, but he did a pisspoor job of it. Smiling from ear to ear, Boseman said it was just a rumor and shook off the question.

This may be far from an admission, but Boseman is a very hot actor right now. Coming off of his acclaimed turn as Jackie Robinson in 42 and the upcoming James Brown biopic GET ON UP, Boseman fits perfectly into the Marvel mold: young, mildly popular, and likely willing to sign a long term deal. With AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON shooting some scenes in South Africa, many have theorized we may see the Wakandan prince in a cameo, teasing a possible Phase Three solo adventure.

Check out the video below and see if you think Boseman may have given too much away. AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON hits theaters May 6, 2015.

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