Chadwick Boseman surprises Black Panther fans with Jimmy Fallon

By the end of this upcoming weekend, BLACK PANTHER will most likely cross the $500 million mark as it continues its path to being the biggest superhero movie ever in the U.S. The movie is not making this much money simply because it’s another great Marvel movie, but because it means so much to so many people who haven’t felt represented in a movie of this scale. Now, some of the movie’s biggest fans are getting the opportunity to say thanks to the movie’s star, Chadwick Boseman (T’Challa/Black Panther)...if only to the poster image of him.

However, what these people don’t know is that the real Boseman, and some guy named Jimmy Fallon, are hiding behind the curtain listening to everything they’re saying. The actor then pops out to surprise them, and the reactions are a mixture of hilarity and sweetness. The look on the small child’s face is exactly how all of our own 12-year-old selves would look after meeting our hero: pure shock.

The whole segment is hysterical and sweet, but on a larger scale, it demonstrates just how much this movie means to some people. To them, it's not just a superhero movie, but also something they can look up to and feel inspired by and give them hopes their own voices can be heard. Did I mention how funny it is to see people get so excited they lose their breath?

BLACK PANTHER is in theaters now



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