Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx don't have much time in the trailer for White House Down

Here's the trailer for White House invasion movie #2-- Roland Emmerich's WHITE HOUSE DOWN.

Is it better than Olympus Has Fallen? I think it has a better cast, though after the Reddit IAmA with Gerard Butler, I like the guy a whole lot more. The trailer seems to take itself very seriously. I mean, this may be one of the most serious trailers I've ever seen. There's tons of action, little dialogue, and a quote from Abraham Lincoln. I think it looks interesting. Also, it's sort of funny the films that they tack on after showing it's a Roland Emmerich film: 2012, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, and INDEPENDENCE DAY. Two out of three ain't bad, right?

Obviously something drew Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum, Richard Jenkins and Maggie Gyllenhaal to this project. Maybe it will be Emmerich's best since INDEPENDENCE DAY. That's totally possible. It also has James Woods. That's a big one for me.

Synopsis: While on a tour of the White House with his young daughter, a police officer (Channing Tatum) springs into action to protect his child and the president (Jamie Foxx) from a heavily armed group of paramilitary invaders.

WHITE HOUSE DOWN hits a theaters near you on June 28, 2013.

Source: JoBlo.com



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