Chaos takes control in first poster for Westworld's second season

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It's been well over a year since our last visit to Westworld, but the second season of the HBO series is now a mere month away and will hopefully quench our thirst for mysteries and endless theories. Several members of the Westworld cast began sending out tweets this morning pointing fans towards an artificial intelligence bot known as Aeden on a Westworld viral marketing site, and if you typed "Chaos takes control" into the chat window, Aeden replied by saying, "Welcome to the New Frontier," which sent you to the following poster.

That's quite the creepy robotic vulture, and is that the hat of the Man in Black (Ed Harris) laying bloody on the ground? The second season of Westworld will move well beyond the titular park and its behind-the-scenes areas, as co-creator Jonathan Nolan recently said that the upcoming season will be "much more of a road show—Sweetwater isn’t home anymore." We already know that Shogun World will touched upon, but Nolan added we'll learn much more about the various Delos parks as well as the world beyond throughout the season.

We don’t like to endlessly build mystery; we like to settle our debts by the end of the season. We want to feel like the show is rocketing ahead. The first season was a journey inward; this is a journey outward. It’s a search for what else is in the park, and what else is beyond the park. If we were to describe the show as one camera angle, it would be a steady pull out revealing more and more context. So as the hosts learn more about their world—and other worlds, and the real world—the audience is doing the same thing.

Westworld's second season will return to HBO on April 22, 2018.

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