Charles Dance joins Paul Feig's Ghostbusters

While it seems most of the casting news for Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS has been about returning members, we finally have some in the form of a new face to the 'Buster-verse. As reported by Inverse, Game of Thrones' Charles Dance is the latest to be confirmed for Feig's movie, although it's unknown at this time what that role will be. The man knows how to play a villain like there's no tomorrow, so that seems like an obvious, but given that Thor is playing a secretary here, I wouldn't put it past Feig to cast against type yet again.

There's been plenty of harsh words thrown around regarding this reboot or whatever you want to call it, but I'm more interested in what the first trailer is going to look like. Feig's movies speak for themselves and for what it's worth, they only appear to be getting better. I think it's safe to say that SPY was way better than it had any business being, even besting some of the other, bigger spy flicks of the year. I'm not naming any names, but JAMES freaking BOND. I said it!

GHOSTBUSTERS aims to hit theaters on July 15, 2016.

Source: Inverse



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