Charles Roven comments on Joss Whedon stepping in for Justice League

The sad news of director Zack Snyder leaving JUSTICE LEAGUE after personal tragedy was heartbreaking, but he managed to find a seasoned pro to assist with completion of the film in Joss Whedon. Whedon is set to helm the first ever BATGIRL film for WB after helping with reshoots and edits on JUSTICE LEAGUE and producer Charles Roven gave a bit more insight into Whedon's involvement, while talking to Variety at the red carpet for WONDER WOMAN. While we still haven't heard any official statements from Whedon or Snyder on Whedon's overall involvement at this point, Roven indicates that Whedon was already part of the fold.

Here's what he had to say (video below as well):

"He [Whedon] was already working with us on some of the scenes for the additional photography that we're going to be doing shortly and it was fortunate that Zack convinced him and he agreed to step in and finish the movie - help Zack finish his vision and we're excited about that."

Whedon already being involved in the JUSTICE LEAGUE reshoots shouldn't come as a big surprise as he was the go-to architect in assisting various Marvel films during his tenure over there, so it would make sense that WB would utilize him in helping with their DCEU properties now that they've welcomed him to that comic book family. With the majority of JUSTICE LEAGUE already complete, we can rest easy that it's still Snyder's film and I'm sure Whedon will honor that as he navigates this ship to shore, although certainly with some of his own touches as well, which is to be expected. While I'm not a huge Whedon fan, I think his experience at Marvel, especially for an ensemble superhero pic (THE AVENGERS is still my favorite of the ensemble batch), will help greatly in getting Zack's vision across and making JUSTICE LEAGUE the best it can possibly be.

What do you guys, think? Is Whedon the right guy to finish the job or would you have preferred someone else?

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JUSTICE LEAGUE smashes into theaters on November 17th, 2017

Source: Variety



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