Charles Soule's upcoming debut novel The Oracle Year lands a TV adaptation

Some know comic book creative Charles Soule as a writer for such series as DC Comics' Swamp Thing, Red Lanterns, Superman/Wonder Woman, as well as Marvel's stellar She-Hulk run and Death of Wolverine. My first exposure to Soule's work was through his Archaia-published graphic novel Strange Attractors, with art by Greg Scott. After wrapping my brain around the concepts of that story, I went on to learn that in addition to being a comic book contributor, Soule is also a lawyer whose primary focus lies in immigration law and poverty. I suppose this explains why the court room drama aspect of She-Hulk read with such an intense attention to detail? 

Today, it's been announced that Soule's upcoming debut novel THE ORACLE YEAR is being adapted for TV by Tomorrow Studios. While the book is scheduled to hit bookstore shelves on April 3rd, the novel centers on Will Dando, a New Yorker who finds a way to monetize his 108 very specific visions of the future, in the process earning himself powerful enemies, including the president of the United States, a prominent televangelist and a warlord in possession of a nuclear missile.

Yup! We've definitely got ourselves a Charles Soule joint with this one, folks. Actually, this almost sounds like it could be a sequel or spinoff to Strange Attractors. It's not, but it sounds as if both stories dabble in the idea of causality, and how sometimes knowing the future can bring about catastrophic consequences. 

In talking up the project, Tomorrow Studios President Becky Clements said, “Charles’ book was highly sought after and we’re honored that he’s entrusting us to bring his ‘What If?’ story to television for a series with unexpected twists and turns that will hopefully yield incredible global appeal,”

As someone who knows Charles by way of my other comic book-related gig, I can tell you first-hand that this dude knows how to craft an intricate and intriguing story. Dissecting reality and manipulating time is one of Soule's strongest talents as a writer, and I can't wait to see what the adaptation of his ideas will look like on screen. 



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