Charlie's Angels will now go to work in theaters in November 2019

It was only yesterday when Warner Bros. announced that they'd be moving their highly-anticipated WONDER WOMAN 1984 to a June 5, 2020 release, which Sony than took advantage of by sniping the sequel's previous bow of November 1, 2019 for their upcoming CHARLIE'S ANGELS reboot. Those who have a nose for news say that Patty Jenkins' WONDER WOMAN follow-up departed from its original slot on account of Disney releasing its J.J. Abrams-directed STAR WARS: EPISODE IX on December 20, 2019. With that being said, let it be known that the Angels aren't afraid to go toe-to-toe with The House of Mouse's ongoing space opera.

The upcoming CHARLIE'S ANGELS reboot is being helmed by  PITCH PERFECT and THE HUNGER GAMES alumna Elizabeth Banks, who in addition to serving as the film's director will also co-write the screenplay alongside Doug Miro (NARCOS) and Carlo Bernard (THE GREAT WALL, THE UNINVITED). This past September, Sony revealed that the triple-threat trifecta of Angels will be played by Kristen Stewart (AMERICAN ULTRA, PERSONAL SHOPPER), Naomi Harris (POWER RANGERS) and Ella Balinska (TIERS OF THE TROPICS, HUNTED), who will be joined by Elizabeth Banks and X-MEN alum Patrick Stewart for the buzz-worthy action adventure.

Back in the day, CHARLIE'S ANGELS was a television crime drama that ran from 1976-1981 starring Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Jaclyn Smith. The series centered on three highly-skilled femme fatales getting up to an outrageous assortment of super spy shenanigans, with each mission calling for them to tap into their unique set of skills to win the day.

For those who're too young to remember the original series, you might recall that director McG helmed a reboot of the classic TV show with Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu making up the team. A sequel to the comedic spy adventure was then released in 2003 titled CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL-THROTTLE, which added Demi Moore to the cast or returning characters.

The new film is expected to present the Angels initiative as a worldwide endeavor, with the potential for sequels focusing on different groups of agents around the globe. Elizabeth Banks' CHARLIE'S ANGELS, which is currently filming, is now slated for a November 1, 2019 release.



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