Charlize in Mad Max 4?

Is sexy Charlize Theron slipping into dusty leather gear and roaming the wastelands looking for a tank of juice?

According to E! Online, director George Miller wants Charlize for the female lead in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, which is apparently still sputtering to the starting line after nearly a decade of delays. She's certainly a tastier dish than a salvaged can of Dinki-Di Dog Food. Maybe she got a hankering for the post-apocalypse material on THE ROAD (although I believe her part in that is pre-apocalyptic).

While it's increasingly obvious that Mel Gibson isn't returning as angered ex-lawman Max Rockatansky (which again begs the question: why bother?), Miller is reportedly looking at Tom Hardy (BRONSON, ROCKnROLLA) to climb behind the wheel of a new Interceptor.

We previously heard Jeremy Renner (THE HURT LOCKER) was lobbying for the role, and while it's still unclear if the Max character is being recast or replaced, the project is prepping to roll next summer.

Extra Tidbit: Two men enter, one woman leaves?
Source: E!



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