Charlize Theron & Emily Blunt look villainous in these on-set Huntsman pics


It's been several months since we've heard about anything from the Kristen Stewart-less SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN prequel, aptly titled THE HUNSTMAN, but it's not exactly a project anyone's clamoring for. While it did garner some interest when Frank Darabont was on-board, he's long since left the project, leaving it in the hands of Cedric Nicolas-Troyan. Cedric served as visual effects supervisor and second-unit director on the first, but this will mark his feature-film debut as director.

It's unknown how this will tie into the events of the first movie, but what we do know is that Charlize Theron is returning as the deliciously evil Queen, and Emily Blunt will be playing a villainous character alongside her. The following shots were taken from a funeral scene, of which you can see the selective styles sported by these lovely ladies.


I remember enjoying SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN when I saw it in theaters, but I've never returned to it. I'm probably one of the few with something positive to say about the original, but even I don't care for a prequel, sequel, or anything else ending with "quel" as far as this series is concerned. On the flip side, maybe the low-expectations will work in the film's favor. Darabont still has a writing credit for the screenplay, so here's hoping enough of his vision makes it through to the end!

THE HUNTSMAN is scheduled to open in theaters on April 22, 2016.

Charlize Theron can slap me around. I don't even have to be paid.

Source: Daily Mail



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