Charlize Theron hunts a killer in the domestic trailer for Dark Places

After completing an international release, the new thriller DARK PLACES is finally debuting a domestic trailer. Based on the novel by GONE GIRL author Gillian Flynn, DARK PLACES is a decidedly dark tale about murder, Satanism, and trauma. Starring a stellar cast led by Charlize Theron, DARK PLACES looks like a nice thriller to wrap up the summer.

Directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner, DARK PLACES does not shy away from marketing itself in connection with the acclaimed GONE GIRL even though the subject matter could not be more different.

Set in a farming town in Kansas, Dark Places follows Libby Day (Charlize Theron), the only surviving witness of a horrific massacre that took her mother and sisters. Believing the slaughter to be the work of a Satanic cult, Libby testifies in court against her own brother. Twenty-five years after the murder, she remains haunted by the gruesome violence of her past when she meets a group of amateur investigators who call themselves "The Kill Club". Looking to satisfy their morbid curiosity, the group begins their own inquiry about the case, believing Libby's brother is innocent. In order to help them, Libby must unearth painful memories of the event and learn that her past may not be what it seems.

DARK PLACES reunites MAD MAX: FURY ROAD co-stars Theron and Nicholas Hoult alongside ANT-MAN's Corey Stoll, Christina Hendricks, Chloe Moretz, and Drea de Matteo. It looks like a pretty good thriller. I was surprised to see that DirecTV had to get involved in the release of the movie as it seemed like a sure theatrical hit. But, I guess the subject matter may have been too heavy for a traditional studio.

DARK PLACES hits theaters on August 7th.

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