Charlize Theron turns an ass kicking up to eleven in new Atomic Blonde clip

Gal Gadot isn't the only female who'll be kicking ass and taking names at the box office this summer, not on your life. South African-born actress and goddess who fell to earth and still hasn't accepted my marriage proposal, Charlize Theron, will be cranking her creative fisticuffs up to eleven when she stars in director David Leitch's ATOMIC BLONDE. In the film, Theron stars as British spy Lorraine Broughton, who's sent to Berlin, cira 1989, to investigate an espionage ring that just took out one of her colleagues. 

Today, a wild, high-energy clip has been released where you can really see the synergy shared between Theron and stunt choreographer/director Leitch. Reportedly, Theron and Leitch trained for months in the art of creatively dispatching multiple foes in a variety of settings. In the clip posted below, we get to witness Charlize in top-form as she takes down several enemy agents while grooving to George Michael's chart-topping hit "Father Figure." 

Check it out:

Furthermore, Leitch has commented that the choreography depicted in the film would not have been possible without Theron's ability to master the moves she'd been given. “When you have someone who can do it, you have a lot more freedom in how you want to express it visually," Leitch said. “In terms of martial arts style, she gave me the flexibility to do everything I wanted to do.”

ATOMIC BLONDE stars Charlize Theron, Sofia Boutella, James McAvoy, Bill Skarsgard, and John Goodman. The film is set to kick ass in theaters beginning on July 28, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Theron had a traumatic childhood. Her mother shot and killed Charlize's alcoholic, abusive father in 1991 when he attacked both of them. The shooting was ruled to be in self-defense, so Charlize's mother faced no charges.
Source: Focus Features



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