Check our Brandon Routh in his full A.T.O.M. gear from The CW's Arrow

ARROW has proven itself to be a fertile small screen jumping off point for DC Comics. With THE FLASH successfully spinning off into it's own great show, The CW looks to be trying again with Brandon Routh's character Ray Palmer. Palmer was introduced at the start of the third season as the new owner of Queen Consolidated with recent episodes showing him developing his own superhero persona.

In the pages of DC Comics, Palmer is The Atom. Similar to Marvel's Ant-Man, The Atom can shrink to a microscopic size to fight crime. On ARROW, Palmer is developing an armored suit subbed A.T.O.M. which has been teased over the past few episodes. But, in just a few weeks during the fifteenth episode of the season, we will see A.T.O.M. in use. Here is the first full look at the suit courtesy of IGN.

As you can see below, the suit looks somewhat similar to Marvel's Iron Man crossed with Captain America and War Machine. The chestplate resembles an A which may be coincidental. The biggest thing I noticed was that Palmer's face is not obscured at all which is unique in modern superhero movies and series. You also cannot deny that Routh looks pretty badass here.

The CW has been considering spinning off Palmer/Atom into his own series. Hopefully this introduction will work out. We will find out in a few weeks whether the costume looks good or cheesy in action.

ARROW airs on Wednesdays on The CW.

Source: IGN



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