Check out a bunch of new images and details for Marvel's Ant-Man

Now that we have finally gotten a look at the teaser for ANT-MAN, details are starting to flood out. Entertainment Weekly has shared the first details about the film thanks to their on set interviews with Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, director Peyton Reed, and Michael Douglas. There were a few highlights to the article that shed more on how this long in development project finally made it to the screen.

First off, Paul Rudd says the narrative core of ANT-MAN is still based on what Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish developed before they left the film last year. Rudd worked on the screenplay with Adam McKay to ensure the film had the right tone and vision as what Wright intended (Wright still maintains a story credit for ANT-MAN and is listed as an executive producer). We learn the film opens with Scott Lang in prison before being released and nabbing Hank Pym's supersuit.

Having proven his light-­fingered bona fides, Lang is trained by Pym, who plans to use him to thwart Darren Cross (Stoll). Cross is a former protégé of Pym’s who has developed his own version of the Ant-Man technology and created the alter ego Yellowjacket. Pym and Lang’s attempt to steal the Yellowjacket suit is both assisted and complicated by Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne.

There seems to be a very strong father-daughter tone to the storylines for both the families in the film, but the thing we mostly want to know about is how the special effects were achieved. Movies have been shrinking characters for years and it often looks hokey. Peyton Reed says not to worry.

“What we’re doing is very different from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” he says. “It’s going to be much more experiential.” Instead of having actors perform with outsize props, Ant-Man is utilizing both macro photography—the filming technique used on bug documentaries—and motion-capture technology. “There are cameras and lenses that make small areas look like the most epic landscapes,” says co-producer Brad Winderbaum. “Then we’re shooting motion capture with Paul to insert Ant-Man into those environments.”

Many seemed let down by the initial teaser for ANT-MAN compared to other Marvel fare, but all those involved seem excited. Hopefully as the footage continues to come together we will see another trailer that really blows us all away. At least, I hope we do.

ANT-MAN hits theaters on July 17, 2015.



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