Check out a small, furry Danny DeVito in this Lorax trailer

As far as animated films go, HORTON HEARS A WHO kinda came and went. It made some decent money, I'm sure, but didn't really make much of an impact otherwise. But I'm glad Universal and Illumination didn't give up on the animated Dr. Suess game because the new trailer for THE LORAX looks, well, brilliant.

Maybe I'm a sucker for an animated Taylor Swift, the use of Polyphonic Spree's "Light & Day / Reach for the Sun" or just a good short joke, but this LORAX trailer really worked for me. Too often animated trailers sell kids on fart jokes, getting hit in the groin and cute characters dancing to popular music and THE LORAX doesn't resort to any of that. Hell, it barely even introduces the title character.

It still looks cute and funny and smart and all the things a good animated film should be. And it's not even a Pixar movie! Take a look at the trailer below and let me know if you agree.

Source: Apple.com



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