Check out director Ang Lee's unused animatronic Hulk!

Few movies have polarized my film buddies like Ang Lee's HULK. Some feel it's the best superhero movie to yet be be made - deep in its psychological complexities and ambitiousness. The others, well, they just think it's lame. But being the good friend that I am, I just nod and politely smile to the guys who think it's some sort of high superhero art. I get it. I see what they're saying. They're intelligent film buffs and have, usually, impeccable taste. I just completely do not agree with them.

But a discussion on the merits of Ang Lee's film is neither here nor there. What I'm here to show you is this motherf*cking robot Hulk.

Courtesy of Steve Johnson - who's been leaking the shit out of material from projects he's worked on in the past - we've got here below a video of a scraped animatronic Hulk that was intended to be used in the 2003 film. Obviously, Lee ditched the practical effects in favor of CGI, but thanks to the magic of the internets, we can now see what could have been.

Extra Tidbit: Guillermo del Toro's Hulk television project for ABC will reportedly be using "a mixture of prosthetics, puppetry and CGI."



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