Check out Empire Magazine's new Captain America: The Winter Soldier cover

Empire has released the covers for the February issue of their magazine, and they give us a great look at Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and Sebastian Stan from CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. The issue will have previews for some of the most anticipated films of next year, and the sequel to CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER is definitely one of those movies. We've seen plenty of all three in costume before, but this is one of the better shots of Winter Soldier and Captain America (in his updated uniform) to date.

Take a look:

I've said it before, but I'm really digging Captain America's new costume, and I'd love to find a pair of heavy duty gloves for myself like the ones he is wearing. Smoking cigarettes in the winter is brutal on the hands. Like most of you, I have very high hopes for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, and I can't wait to see Cap back in action.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER also stars Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo, Robert Redford, and Samuel L. Jackson, and will be released on April 4th, 2014.

Source: Empire



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