Check out four awesome clips from Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise!

Next month's EDGE OF TOMORROW is coming in hot and today we have four new clips to share that give a closer peek at the action, story, and characters in the "Groundhog Day" plotted pic. Directed by Doug Liman and starring Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, and Bill Paxton, the new sci-fi actioner has been getting solid word-of-mouth from early reviews, which may help defeat the "anti-buzz" that's been hovering over it of late. If the reviews don't do it, perhaps these clips will, as it simply looks like a lot of damn fun.

Take a look:

Variety reported that the film was tracking to be a flop (and also posted a rave review 3 days later), while marketing makes its last big push (hence, these four clips) leading up to its release. This prophetic analyzation of as-yet-released films always burns my ass a bit, as it seems like it can often doom a film for audiences before its even had its day in court. Cruise is a huge draw overseas, so the film will likely be a hit there, but I hope that folks don't write off a non-franchise/non-sequel sci-fi action pic that looks to deliver a summer movie experience because of something like tracking numbers. The surest way to not get new, original pics is to not go see them.

EDGE OF TOMORROW storms the beaches on June 6, 2014.

Click the image below to check out new images from the film!

Source: Warner Bros.



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