Check out Gabrielle Wilde in short shorts as Sue Snell in the upcoming Carrie Remake

Last week we had the first set photo of Chloe Moretz from Kimberly Peirce's remake of CARRIE and now we have a glimpse at the new film's Sue Snell.

In the remake, Sue Snell is played by Gabrielle Wilde (THE THREE MUSKETEERS). Amy Irving played Snell in the Brian De Palma version.

For those unfamiliar with Stephen King's source material, Sue Snell is a popular girl dating Tommy Ross. After tormenting Carrie White in the locker room, Sue begins to feel remorse for her actions. She asks Tommy to take Carrie to the prom, in an attempt to make Carrie feel accepted, and to ease her own conscience.

While it is the villanous Chris Hargensen that actually is responsible for Carrie beginning her rampage, Sue is the lone classmate who genuinely tries to help Carrie.

Here is Gabrielle Wilde looking sexy in gym class from CARRIE.

Here is Amy Irving, the original Sue Snell.

I like the cast of the CARRIE remake and what I have seen so far. CARRIE is not one of those untouchable films, in my opinion. A remake for the story will work for each generation. The bullying can easily be updated from the locker room taunting to various current methods, like social media attacks. In a day and age where teens are cruel to each other, a new version of CARRIE can reach out to kids with a positive message. If done in a heavy-handed way, the film could glorify revenge and have a negative impact on viewers. I like to think audiences will be intelligent enough to separate fact from fiction.

CARRIE will hit theaters in 2013.

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