Check out Len Wiseman's director commentary for the Total Recall trailer

I have seen your complaints about the teaser for a teaser fad that is happening these days. Well, how would you feel about a director's commentary for a trailer?

Len Wiseman recently dissected the trailer for the TOTAL RECALL remake and explained the cinematic choices that he has made in the film. Nothing all that shocking or groundbreaking in what he has to say, but some interesting tidbits nonetheless.

I particularly like the idea of doing the action scenes with the actual actors and using practical effects versus CGI whenever possible. Obviously this is going to be a heavy special effects film so using physical material instead of green screen will ground the movie as much as possible.

I cannot say that I am on board quite yet with this film as the original TOTAL RECALL holds a special place in my heart, but it is growing on me.

TOTAL RECALL opens August 3rd.

Extra Tidbit: Bryan Cranston does not seem as villainous as he should be. But he also only has one line in the trailer.
Source: MTV



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