Check out more wild shenanigans from Project X in these new pictures

Project X better banner

Guess it's a day for sharing new pictures! PROJECT X is the "found footage high school party movie" produced by Todd Phillips (THE HANGOVER), wherein "high school party" equals "gonzo craziness going down all over the place." And seeing as how the movie opens in less than a month on March 12th, the promotional train is starting to chug faster (I feel like there's a keg stand joke I'm missing here) - a trailer dropped about a month ago, and now Warner Bros has released a whole mess of new pictures for your viewing pleasure.  If for some reason you're a stickler when it comes to not having your raunchy comedies spoiled, I'd suggest to tread carefully from here on out.

I have one question for this first picture before I shut up: could one say that all of these people are technically "doing it doggystyle?"

Project X 3

Project X 1

Project X 2

Project X 4

Project X 5

Project X 6

Project X 7

Project X 8

Project X 9

Project X 10

Project X 11

Project X 12

Project X 13

Project X 14

Project X 15

Project X 16

Extra Tidbit: Everytime I see "Project X" it just makes me think of "Chemical X" from Powerpuff Girls. Don't judge - Guillermo del Toro thinks that show is great too.
Source: Warner Bros.



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