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As YouTube continues to grow, quickly becoming the "TV of the next generation" we too have grown with it (we recently surpassed the 2 BILLION views mark!!), expanding our coverage of trailers, movie clips, featurettes, interviews to the realm of exclusively created content videos. While we originally pushed this content through our main Movie Trailers channel, it quickly became apparent that these videos would require a channel of their own, hence the JOBLO VIDEOS channel was born earlier this year.

Now, you can watch all our originally created videos, including long-running series like Awfully Good Movies, Top 10 Lists, the very popular 8-Bit Trailers, ...Is Kinda Crazy, Pop-Up Movie Facts, From Page to Screen, Easter Egg Countdown, Movie MistakesWhere it was Made, as well as some of our newer shows like Trailer Breakdowns, Unboxing Collectibles, The Kill Counter, The Black Sheep, etc. all in one place! The new channel also features all episodes of our original animated series, now in its 2nd season, called Roomies! There's something for everyone (which reminds me, we recently launched a new series called Movie Advice from a 4-year Old) and we're continuing to grow, expand and try out new ideas that ultimately fly or die based on your interest.

Thanks to all of you for continuing to watch and share our exclusive videos. It's simply not possible without your support and we greatly appreciate it. As a reminder, our JoBlo YouTube Network now comprises 7 channels including flagship channel called JoBlo Movie Trailers, TV Show Trailers, Movie Clips, MovieHotties, Video Game Trailers as well as our recently launched Animated Videos channel. All said, we've got you covered, so be sure to check those out as well.

Check out a sampling of shows from the Videos Channel below and be sure to SUBSCRIBE!

8-Bit Trailers:

The Kill Counter:

Trailer Breakdowns:

Top 10's:

Kinda Crazy:

Awfully Good Movies:

Top 5 Movie Mistakes:

Where it was Made:

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