Check out our newly revamped VIDEO and TRAILERS sections!

You may have already noticed that we've been slowly (but surely) updating every single section on the JoBlo Movie Network over the past year or so, with the major updates happening last year with the revamped MovieFanCentral community, then the MovieHotties facelift and the DVD Clinic to Digital Dorm switcheroo (and let's not forget the addition of the brand spankin' new Pimpin' Poster Palace!), but we're not completely done yet as JOBLO MOBILE should be hitting the streets pretty soon, as well as updates for all the remaining "old sections" of JoBlo.com and Arrow in the Head over the next few months.

But today is the time to present our newly revamped VIDEO (over 9,000 videos) and TRAILERS (over 16,000 trailers/clips) sections, both of which now have bigger (and better) video players that will allow us to host more HD videos and archive them going back about a decade or so. The new sections also contain all the "bells & whistles" you'd expect from a video section these days including TAGS galore, "most popular" sections, sharing options for every single video/trailer and of course...the ability to vote/comment yourself.

Each section also streams the latest videos added by members of Movie Fan Central (at the bottom of the main pages) and the VIDEO section also allows you to choose what specific site's videos you're looking for, including JoBlo, Arrow in the Head, The Digital Dorm and yes...everyone's favorite, MovieHotties!

For anyone who preferred the old sites, we say...get over it! Seriously though, for anyone who might've forgotten what they even looked like (I try not to look back, brrrr....), here are the older versions below.

Please take a few minutes to goof around in both new sections, vote on your faves, share them with your friends and let's continue to make our VIDEO and TRAILERS sections, two of the most popular movie video/trailer sections on the Net. We hope ya'll dig it and we appreciate your support! PS: The dudes behind the design of these 2 new sections are the same folks behind the PPP creation and that is Turnstyle Creative. Thanks guys!!

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