Check out our Unboxing of the XBox Sea of Thieves Chips Ahoy! treasure chest

Ahoy there, maties! Or, should I say, Chips Ahoy! there, maties? In case you were unaware, May 15th is National Chocolate Chip day and while it may be fun to binge on those delicious morsels on their own, nothing quite beats their flavor, whilst baked into a tasty cookie. In honor of this time-honoroed holiday, XBox's new pirate game Sea of Thieves has teamed up with Chips Ahoy! and Onyx to help promote the game, the chocolate chips and the spirit of finding the booty. Don't get ahead of yourself. The booty in question is a MASSIVE treasure chest that is filled with a trove of goodies that you can watch me and my young pirate shipmate open up. It's filled with bad pirate accents, silly shenanigans and a revelation of Sea of Thieves (AND chocolate chip!) related plunder that would make any seafaring voyage a true pleasure. And with that, I'm out of pirate puns! Enjoy the unboxing and watch us on Twitter at @joblocom and @arcticninjapaul for your chance to win some of these fine goods!

Source: JoBlo.com



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