Check out Simon Pegg as a hitman in this first image from Kill Me Three Times

Every now and then a movie slips by me and I think, "How the hell did I not hear about this?" Example: KILL ME THREE TIMES. It stars Simon Pegg, and I feel embarrassed that I haven't read anything about this film until now. THR (via Indiewire) has released the first image from the movie, featuring Pegg as a mustached hitman, holding a rifle. Is it badass, you ask? Of course it is!

Check out Action Pegg:

Yes, I'm psyched to see Simon Pegg looking so macho for the film, but KILL ME THREE TIMES actually sounds pretty interesting as well. The film also stars Alice Braga, Bryan Brown, Sullivan Stapleton and Teresa Palmer, and was directed by Kriv Stenders (Australia's RED DOG). KILL ME THREE TIMES is about an assassin (Pegg) who is tasked with killing a rich man's wife (Braga), and apparently the story will be told from three different perspective. Fun stuff, and I can't wait to see Pegg as a hitman in this upcoming film.

No word on when KILL ME THREE TIMES might hit theaters, but it probably will sometime in 2014.

Extra Tidbit: It's hard to find some of Simon Pegg's early work (legally) in the United States, but ASYLUM and BIG TRAIN are both very funny shows starring the actor.
Source: Indiewire



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