Check out some Amazing Spider-man concept art for alternate Lizard and costume designs

One of the cool things of any movie production is seeing what the filmmakers alternatives were to what we see on screen. Concept art is one of the most interesting aspects of the making of a movie. It does get dangerous, however, when you stray too far from the source material. When you have a character as iconic as Spider-man, changing things like the costume can alienate fans.

Having seen THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, I can say the costume change did not bother me. In fact it seems more like a costume a high school kid would be able to make on his own. I never quite figured out how the Raimi version of the costume was even sewn as it looked like it was made of rubber.

Here are some concepts that were thrown around for the redesigned Spidey suit before they settled on something a little closer to the classic version. There are also a couple of looks at an alternative Lizard design. Again, despite outcries leading up to the release of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, the problem is not with the Lizard redesign but rather the somewhat shitty CGI they used.

While I certainly do not agree with the bashing of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN that I have seen on this site, the movie did have a lot of holes in both plot and direction. I loved the Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy relationship but thought the redone origin was unnecessary.

Do you prefer any of these alternatives to what we got on the big screen? Let us know below!

Extra Tidbit: Denis Leary was completely wasted. His character was one of the best parts of the movie.
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