Check out the evolution of Wreck-It Ralph's title character with this cool concept art

Wreck-It Ralph logo

The transformation from idea to concept art to reality is always a fascinating one, influenced by all sorts of factors throughout the entirety of the preproduction process.  Disney's WRECK-IT RALPH releases this fall, and despite being surrounded by all sorts of characters from classic video games or characters that conform very closely to ones already existing in the world, the movie's main character is a completely original creation. 

So how do you settle the perfect look for "a 9-foot tall, 640-pound 80's arcade villain?" If this concept art is any indication, you experiment for a bit, in a brainwave of genius cast John C. Reilly to voice your character, and then revamp your art in response to his involvement.  Which isn't a bad way to do it, really.

Wreck-It Ralph concept art 1

There's also concept art here showing the evolution of Ralph's eventual companion character Vanellope von Schweetz from the Mario Kart-like game "Sugar Rush" - her transformation from start to finish was a bit a less drastic but remains interesting nonetheless. 

Wreck-It Ralph concept art 2

You can bathe in the warm waters of sweet nostalgia this November 2nd.

Extra Tidbit: WRECK-IT RALPH marks Disney's 52nd animated feature film.
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