Check out the first few pages of the cancelled Friday the 13th sequel

Friday the 13th

It doesn't seem like it should be all that difficult to get a FRIDAY THE 13TH film off the ground, but, somehow, it's been over eight years since we last witnessed Jason Voorhees dispatch horny teenagers with his trusty machete. Following the success of Marcus Nispel's 2009 reboot, a sequel was quickly announced, but the project was delayed time and time again and passed through various hands before Paramount Pictures announced earlier this year that they had cancelled it altogether. It was said that the poor box-office return of RINGS was at least part of the reason, with executives believing that the reboot/sequel "would have chased the same audience, although others point out the project is on the opposite spectrum of the horror scale."

Mark Swift & Damian Shannon, who wrote the 2009 reboot, also returned to pen the sequel before other screenwriters wound up taking over, and the pair recently revealed the title of their script, FRIDAY THE 13TH: CAMP BLOOD  - THE DEATH OF JASON VOORHEES, as well as the first few pages. As today just happens to be Friday the 13th, it seemed only appropriate to check them out!

After twelve films, it seems a little remarkable that we haven't yet seen Jason shed some blood in a winter climate, and the described visual of "frozen breath" pouring out of his hockey mask immediately sold me. Mark Swift & Damian Shannon still hope that their script will get made, so they aren't about to share all its secrets. It'd be unwise to bet against Jason Voorhees' resurrection, but when that day does finally come, I'd imagine that it will come in the form of another reboot, but, just maybe, a few elements of Swift and Shannon's script will survive.

Which FRIDAY THE 13TH movie is your favourite?

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