Check out the first poster for 300: Rise of an Empire!

Okay, so after receiving an email I went back and did some research on this whole Noam Murro directing 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE ordeal that I'm having. Come to find out he's directing these really awesome shorts for HALO: REACH. So as you can already see, I'm kind of taking back my apprehensions on the subject. Maybe I saw it previously but did not remember it, or probably kept thinking on Neill Blomkamp's Halo short.

The first poster for the film has been sent out by Zack Snyder who is producing on the flick. Of course the poster reminds me of previous ones from 300 with a bit of a darker feel. I'm sure that one with Eva Green will eventually pop up. That one will be the one to hang on the wall.

I have included the Halo: Reach short "Birth of a Spartan" for those who haven't seen it already. Check out the poster below.

Source: Twitter



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