Check out the four alternate endings to the new Hobbit trailer!

Not even twelve hours have passed and we already have more footage from THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY!

In honor of Tolkien week, not only do we have the new trailer, but over on the official website, Peter Jackson and crew have provided four alternate endings. Each of these scenes shows the lighter, humorous side that cut the tension in THE LORD OF THE RINGS and seems to be doing the same job here. You have Bilbo learning about Smaug for the first time, Bilbo and Gandalf discussing wagers on horseback, Elron admiring Sting (the sword, not the singer), and Gollum being Gollum.

I have watched the full trailer as well as these new scenes at least twenty times now and I could not be more excited for these movies. Gollum looks even more realistic than he did before and this looks as epic as THE LORD OF THE RINGS did. If everything works as well as these trailers and scenes do, we are in for another potential Oscar-winning trilogy.

THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY opens everywhere on December 14th.



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