Check out the gorgeous Emma Stone, Blade Runner-style

I have no shame in saying that I have an enormous crush on Emma Stone. I don't care if she is blonde or redhead, she does it for me, big time. I also think she is a heck of an actress. She has not quite stretched herself as a thespian quite yet (Emma....stretch....thespian.....aaargh!), but I think she will be known in the long run as not just a movie star, but a top tier actor.

In the newest issue of Interview, Emma posed for a series of photos inspired by Ridley Scott's BLADE RUNNER. The images have a very hazy, 80s theme while also mimicking the sleek night club sequence from the classic film. I am tempted to post them in my cubicle but HR has a strict policy of not dry humping your desk.

Ridley Scott did mention that his planned sequel/revisit to BLADE RUNNER would feature a female protagonist. Could this be Emma Stone's audition for that role?

Extra Tidbit: What Hollywood actress would you cast in BLADE RUNNER 2?
Source: Geek Tyrant



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