Check out the Halo 4 launch trailer directed by Tim Miller; plus another chapter of the web series!

Microsoft released the launch trailer for Xbox 360's HALO 4 today, which is a really slick cinematic from Tim Miller of Blur Studios.  Produced by David Fincher, the cinematic gives us a globe-spanning journey of the making of Spartan hero Master Chief, which has some ROBOCOP-esque moments in terms of melding man to the machine/suit.  Miller is the long-running name attached as director of the DEADPOOL movie, as well as working with Fincher on an adaptation of THE GOON.  If you've never seen the Blur website, check it out.  Don't blame me for your lack of productivity when you get trapped there, though...

I've played all the HALO games and enjoyed them immensely, but I'm not a fanatic and am not well-versed in the story mechanics, but I'm sure this will deliver what fans are expecting.

Suit up:

In addition to the launch trailer, don't forget about the web series FORWARD UNTO DAWN, which is a weekly series leading up to the release of the game.  Directed by Steward Hendler (SORORITY ROW, H+) it's a pretty kick ass series, which serves as one of the few pieces of evidence that it's possible to adapt a videogame into live action when you find the right venue. 

Here's the synopsis:

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn" tells a personal story of courage, sacrifice and friendship, set against the backdrop of a massive-scale invasion by the alien Covenant. With a focus on character, emotion and high-stakes drama, "Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn" introduces young UNSC cadet Thomas Lasky to the rich storyline of the "Halo" universe. As Lasky transforms from untested student to newly forged hero by fighting to protect his academy and its students alongside the Master Chief, their fates become entwined for decades to come.

Below you'll find episodes 2 and 3 for your viewing pleasure.  For the first episode, click here

HALO 4 hits shelves on November 6, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: I'd be stoked to see Miller tackle either Halo or Deadpool at this point. Which would you prefer to see?
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