Check out this live Twitter feed recreating Back to the Future, line by line

How much do you love BACK TO THE FUTURE? If you are like me, it is one of the defining movies from your childhood. I remember loving the first one and seeing the second and third films in the theater on opening day. There was something special about the movies that I look forward to enjoying with my kids and grandkids. Robert Zemeckis' trilogy may be set in 1985 but it transcends being an 80s movie because of the great writing, acting, and special effects. A movie like BACK TO THE FUTURE doesn't seem like it could be made today.

That being said, why not try something cool with the movie for the Twitter generation? A group has mounted a fun little tribute to the Michael J. Fox film called The Hill Valley Project. Beginning today, 49 separate Twitter accounts have begun a real time recreation of the entire BACK TO THE FUTURE film. The Tweets are coming from the entire McFly family, Biff, Doc, and all the rest. Hell, even the Clocktower lady is getting in the mix. Check out some of the Tweets below.

I have seen similar experiments done using TITANTIC and STAR WARS on Facebook, but this is the first time I have seen an entire film recreated using social media. A pretty fun little diversion, don't you think?



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