Watch Isla Fisher get eaten by piranhas in the opening for Now You See Me!

NOW YOU SEE ME, the magician thriller from director Louis Leterrier (THE INCREDIBLE HULK) has slowly generated a warm welcome for the summer season, which I think has the potential to be the sleeper hit of the summer. Naturally, that will depend on reception, but it shows a lot of promise. Today, Fandango has shared the first few minutes of the film, which highlights the various magician characters doing their thing, including Isla Fisher seemingly being devoured by piranhas. All in a day's work.


I'm particularly excited for NOW YOU SEE ME for a couple of reasons. One: The cast. Jessie Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, and Dave Franco not enough? No problem, we'll just throw in Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman to boot! That's a hell of a stacked deck. Two: It just looks like a whole lot of fun. We've got a lot of popcorn munching spectacles heading our way this summer, but of them all this one looks to be like a crowd-pleasing ride and sometimes that's just what you need. I like that the film isn't making bold promises about being something that will change your life, it simply wants to entertain you. I can respect the hell out of that.

NOW YOU SEE ME brings the magic on May 31, 2013

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Source: Fandango



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