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Years ago, before delivering the third highest-grossing movie of all time, Joss Whedon was something of a cult writer. DC and Warner Bros. had recruited him to script a WONDER WOMAN movie; as history would have it, that movie never came to be. Fast forward years later and Warner Bros. is again developing a WONDER WOMAN movie, starring Gal Gadot and directed by Michelle MacLaren. We may never know what a Whendon WONDER WOMAN movie would look like, but it's always fun to imagine. We now have a small glimpse into the marketing of the movie now which may help you daydream about it just a little more.

A promotional poster also featuring Adam Hughes' original drawing for the would-be movie has now made its way on to eBay making the set a very nice collector’s item! The auction earnings will go to benefit comic book artist Clydene Nee, who is suffering from kidney failure.

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joss whendon wonder woman

Hera are a few more details: This auction is for one (1) Wonder Woman artwork set by renowned comic book artist Adam Hughes, who has done work for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and many other top tier companies. It features a color print that was created as a promo for a potential, and sadly defunct, Joss Whedon Wonder Woman movie and was available at San Diego Comic Con 2005. Also included is the ORIGINAL and signed pencil and pen sketch of the finished product. Amazing and one of a kind art pieces, a must for any Wonder Woman fan! This and other art pieces I have for sale now are part of a benefit auction for Clydene Nee, who is suffering from kidney failure. The money will go to help support her healthcare and living expenses. Clydene has worked in the comic book industry and is a long time and loved member of the art community.

It’s maybe not the details one would hope to hear about when it comes to Whedon’s WW movie, but it’s pretty a great work of art for what could have been. The auction will be up for another 6 hours so if you have the money to spare for a great cause and to be able to hang some one-of-a-kind art up, go for it!

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