Check out the trailer for Gia Coppola's film Palo Alto based on the James Franco book, starring James Franco

Jack of all trades (and master of none. Yeah, I said it) James Franco wrote a collection of interconnected short stories called PALO ALTO that has now been adapted for the big screen. The film version is written and directed by Gia Coppola (yes, another Coppola) and stars James Franco, Val Kilmer, and Emma Roberts. We now have our first look at the trailer for the movie and it, surprisingly, looks pretty good.

I say surprising because I read PALO ALTO and was not impressed in the least. Franco certainly has an ear for dialogue but his narrative writing reads like something from a high school creative writing class. Seeing the stories of sex, betrayal, and all around high school life I am reminded greatly of THE VIRGIN SUICIDES. Coppola is niece to Sofia Coppola and grand-daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, so the talent must be genetic. I hope the source material has been punched up from the Franco originals and this trailer gives me hope.

PALO ALTO premieres at the Telluride Film Festival today and will likely get a full release date later this year.

Source: Vulture



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