Check out this new still from Oblivion before the new trailer hits tomorrow

Ready for a new trailer for OBLIVION? If you are, make time tomorrow during lunch because that's when it's said to hit.

I'm waiting to see what more the film has to offer. The debut trailer was very strong, and had fans pumped for another good sci-fi flick. I've been drawn to this project ever since I saw the original concept art that was taken from the comic that director Joseph Kosinski put together. I, myself am one who lusts after new blood in the science fiction genre. It never hurts to have Tom Cruise as your leading man either.

Speaking of leading man Cruise, we have another still from the film. It's more running Cruise, but this time he has a gun. You can't see me, but I have a big smile on my face.


Synopsis: From TRON LEGACY director Joseph Kosinski and critically acclaimed comic creator Arvid Nelson comes an original sci-fi adventure of epic proportions. In a future where the Earth’s surface has been irradiated beyond recognition, the remnants of humanity live above the clouds, safe from the brutal alien Scavengers that stalk the ruins. But when surface drone repairman Jak discovers a mysterious woman in a crash-landed pod, it sets off an unstoppable chain of events that will force him to question everything he knows.

OBLIVION, starring Tom Cruise, Olga Kurylenko, Morgan Freeman, Melissa Leo, and Nicolaj Coster-Waldau, opens April 26, 2013.

Source: HeyUGuysMSN



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