Check out two clips from Austenland, directed by Napoleon Dynamite's Jerusha Hess and starring Keri Russell

AUSTENLAND, the new comedy from Jerusha Hess, the co-writer of hubby Jared Hess' pics NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, NACHO LIBRE, and GENTLEMEN BRONCOS, just debuted at Sundance and was picked up by Sony Pictures Worldwide for release and distribution (you can read our very own Chris Bumbray's review HERE). The film, based on the novel by Shannon Hale, stars Keri Russell as a Jane Austen-loving, BBC-obsessed fanatic who travels to a Jane Austen theme park in London to meet her perfect gentleman, which she likens to Colin Firth's interpretation of Mr. Darcy on BBC's Pride and Prejudice.  It's the perfect kind of material for Hess, who seems to have the same quirky sense of humor as her husband, replete with off-kilter characters and odd situations.

Today, we have two clips from the film, which serve to show off its Hess-ish oddities and humor.  Personally, I'm all in for this.  I know many of us have gotten weary of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE after the 30th time watching it, but its impact is nonetheless profound, if even for the quotes alone (I still laugh my ass off every time I watch it).  While NACHO LIBRE was a bit more plodding, I found GENTLEMEN BRONCOS to be a hilariously weird movie.  AUSTENLAND looks much more straightforward than that effort and with Russell on comedy, backed by Jennifer Coolidge (Stiffler's Mom), and Bret McKenzie (Flight of the Conchords), the film looks like a great bit of strange fun. 

Here's the clips:

Sony Pictures acquired the film just a few days ago, so a release is not yet set, but expect the film to debut sometime in 2013.  Adding to the odd factor of the film, it's actually produced by none other than TWILIGHT author Stephenie Meyer.  “Basically, a bunch of Mormon ladies sat around and made a movie together,” said Meyer at the film's Sundance premiere.  Well. All right, then.

Russell will next be seen in the thriller DARK SKIES and on FX's new show, The Americans (below).

Extra Tidbit: Don't come back and yell at me if you hate it, but I think if you give Gentlemen Broncos a chance you'll kinda love it. Sam Rockwell. On a deer. That shoots missiles. Out of its ass. Boom.
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