Check out Wes Anderson's new short film, Castello Cavalcanti, starring Jason Schwartzman

Call me what you like, but I love Wes Anderson movies. His style and sense of humor makes my day and each time he releases a new film I know that I will either love it or really love it. I am very excited to see THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. The trailer feels like it fits neatly alongside RUSHMORE and THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS, my two favorite Anderson films. But, with THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL still not arriving until March 7, 2014, we can satiate ourselves with the new short film CASTELLO CAVALCANTI.

The nine minute short was written and directed by Anderson and stars Jason Schwartzman as a race car driver stranded in a small Italian town during a big race. The rest is pure Wes Anderson. All of his trademark visuals are on display in this film produced by Prada. Title cards, tracking, camera pans, and dry humor are all here for your enjoyment. Plus, the instantly immortal line "Son of a bitch screwed the steering wheel on backwards!"

While Jason Schwartzman will appear in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, this short really makes me want another Wes Anderson film with him in the lead. While sequels are rarely a good idea I do often find myself wondering where Max Fischer would be today.

Source: YouTube



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