Check out Zack Snyder's secret short film Snow Steam Iron

Zack Snyder Snow Steam Iron

After the tragic suicide of his daughter earlier this year, Zack Snyder attempted to "bury himself" in the making of JUSTICE LEAGUE in order to get through it, but the director would later step down in order to focus on family and healing, leaving Joss Whedon to take over the production. With JUSTICE LEAGUE behind him, Snyder wanted to be around family and friends and gathered them together in order to produce a short film titled SNOW STEAM IRON. His daughter, Willow, and his son, Eli, helped out on the film, which was shot on an iPhone over the last weekend of April in and around Zack Snyder's office on the Warner Bros. lot. Snyder told Wired that "It was a cathartic experience for all of us in a weird way because when we all get together it’s easier for us to make a movie than talk. There was a heavy air around, as you can imagine, but this film gave us this way to be with each other that was nice." The entire four-minute short is now available to watch, but, there's a twist. In order to watch the full film, you're going to have to sign up for Vero, a social network which Snyder is quite fond of.

If that's not for you, and I don't blame you, here's a trailer for SNOW STEAM IRON to give you a small glimpse at what Zack Snyder's been up to.

Snow gently falls on the blood-stained streets of a seedy out-of-time New York City. Steam envelopes the nightmare unfolding within its narrow alleys. Iron is the will of the one who would dare to resist… fight… survive.

Source: Vero



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