Child's Play reboot starring Aubrey Plaza gets a new poster & release date

Orion Pictures has announced that POLAROID director Lars Klevberg's CHILD'S PLAY reboot will officially come out to play on June 21, 2019. In the upcoming film, Aubrey Plaza (LEGION, PARKS AND RECREATION) will play the mother who gives her son a seemingly harmless toy doll for his birthday, though fans of the franchise will know that the "Good Guy" doll is in actuality a supernatural killer in disguise. The film also stars Brian Tyree Henry (ATLANTA, HOTEL ARTEMIS) as a police detective, in addition to Garbriel Bateman, who will portray Andy Barclay, the boy who welcomes the sinister playpal into his life with open arms.

KUNG FURY 2's Tyler Burton Smith is penning the screenplay based on the 1988 original film featuring the Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray character. Producing the CHILD'S PLAY reboot are IT duo David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith, by way of their KatzSmith Productions studio. At the time of its release, CHILD'S PLAY was a box office smash, having grossed more than $44 million over its $9 million budget. In addition to the film being a money maker for those involved, Chucky was quickly established as a horror movie icon for the ages, and has since slashed his way through six sequels. While some might say that the CHILD'S PLAY franchise had gone off the rails with installments such as director Ronny Yu's BRIDE OF CHUCKY (starring Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany, Chucky's betrothed) or the even more ridiculous SEED OF CHUCKY from horror legend Don Mancini, the series has always strived to provide fans with creative kills, a savage villain with plenty of personality, and oh so much blood.

You can check out the new poster for CHILD'S PLAY below:

Source: Variety



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