Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2 will be even darker than the first

WARNING: The following article contains minor plot spoilers for THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA. Read on at your own peril.

After having watched THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA several weeks ago - thanks to the magic of my sweet position here at JoBlo - I must say that it feels good to know that so many others are now enjoying their binge-watch of the dark and delightfully devilish new program. If you've already made it to the end of the first season of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's new series, you know that it wraps with Sabrina becoming more powerful than ever before. With that in mind, one has to wonder what sort of changes the sophomore season will bring to the show's title character, played by MAD MEN alumna Kiernan Shipka.

In talking about how filming for the second season has already begun, Shipka recently sat down with Bloody Disgusting to discuss some wicked and wonderful details related to what's to come: “We went straight into the second season from the first and it’s been really so exceptionally fun to film, especially given the fact that I feel like we’re already in such a rhythm from coming out of the first season that to jump right into the second one was really, really fun and just a great opportunity to keep the momentum going. We definitely… Sabrina definitely changes and shifts a lot. Her growth is very evident and the second season definitely has a different spin on it than the first season. They’re very different from each other.”

Alright, so Shipka's words might have just sent a shiver down my spine. I say that because I hope that the series doesn't change too much. In my opinion, the first season boasts a superb sense of balance, as it dabbles in humor, horror, and harrowing supernatural hijinks. While I'm positive that much of what Shipka is referring to relates to Sabrina going full Mean Girl for season two, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a smattering of light-hearted laughs and sugary shenanigans when the show makes its return.

“I would just say that, without giving too much away, because it would be a bit of a spoiler, the way that Sabrina’s life takes certain turns and certain decisions she makes inform the second season. The finale of the first season sets up a lot. It goes in a different direction. We see more different characters. It deals with a different side of things.”

Aw yeah, bring it on! For me, the final moments of the first season were a cause to pump my fist in the air and say, "Oh, hell yes!" Here's hoping that when this witty and witchy show returns for another spell that it delivers even more twists and turns on account of Sabrina's new lease on life. Souls will burn, friends will die, and there won't be an incantation that can save you when THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA Season 2 premieres in 2019.



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