Trailer for the Alaska serial killer pic Frozen Ground with Nic Cage, John Cusack, and Vanessa Hudgens

There's definitely something "off" with this trailer for FROZEN GROUND, starring Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, and Vanessa Hudgens.  It's possible that this isn't quite done and slipped through the cracks, as it feels like a voice over is missing.  Very strange. The missing "Voltage logo" is a pretty good indicator as well.

The pic tells the real-life story of Alaskan serial killer Robert Hansen, who would lure strippers to his car, kidnap them at gunpoint and fly them to his cabin, before raping and killing them.  It's been suggested, but never proven, that he would "hunt" his victims when he was done with them, setting them free in the woods and pursuing them like wild game.

Join the Hunt:

I saw this being filmed in my home state of Alaska and I give kudos to the filmmakers for using the real locations.  And even though this trailer is a disjointed mess, I feel like there's a good movie in there, it's just not being presented as such.  Plus, Vanessa Hudgens stripping.  But, also acting.  Win/lose, I guess.

FROZEN GROUND, the first feature from director Scott Walker, also stars 50 CENT, Radha Mitchell, Dean Norris, and Jodi Lynn O'Keefe. No release date is set, but expect Lionsgate to set a date soon.

Extra Tidbit: Where have all the great serial killer/crime thrillers gone?
Source: Indiewire



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