China names Nicolas Cage as Best Global Actor and other oddities

The world might be a mixed up, scary place sometimes, but man with moments like this I remember why it's also so wonderful.

I would like to take a moment to say this is a real thing and we did not make this up for our own amusement.

Yesterday at China’s 2013 Huading Awards, Nicolas Cage received the award of Best Global Actor in a motion picture. BEST GLOBAL ACTOR. He is the best actor in the whole world. Wrap your head around that. The majority of us love Cage. He's our kind of crazy. But what has Cage done lately to deserve this title? I guess he has done enough.

Then you read the rest of the award winners…

Lifetime achievement award (Jeremy Irons)

Best global actor in motion pictures (Nicolas Cage)

Best global actress in motion pictures (Nicole Kidman)

Best global singer (Avril Lavigne)

Best global director in motion pictures (Quentin Tarantino)

Best global actor in a TV series (Matthew Perry)

Best global actress in a TV series (Michelle Docker)

Best global action movie actor (Sam Worthington)

Best emerging global talent (Boo Boo Stewart)

Yeah. Take that in. I can't even begin to process with some of those along with their corresponding categories. Everyone showed up to accept their awards. Tarantino was excited to be there (not surprised), “I’ve been a fan of Asian cinema my whole life growing up. I did my movie Kill Bill as a complete tribute to my love for it and so to come here amongst the Chinese film industry, get this from the Chinese fans is a dream come true." I hope he met up with Cage to discuss future projects.

Worthington even spoke about the upcoming AVATAR sequels, “Well, we start filming next year. We do Avatar 2, Avatar 3, Avatar 4. Then they’ll come out Christmas concurrently kind of thing, different Christmases. I’m not too sure where we’re shooting at the moment. I know they’re still writing it. I know Jim (director James Cameron) loves China, loves it,” he said, referring to questions about returning to China. “Those types of films, if we get the opportunity to work here that’ll be great. We’ll see what happens.”

Well, there ya go folks. Enjoy your evening and these gifs. Feel free to add links to your own. They please us.

Source: VarietyEW



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