Chinese producers look to partner up with DreamWorks on Need for Speed 2


In the wake of FURIOUS SEVEN's $400 million worldwide gross (so far), Chinese production companies Jiaflix, China Movie Channel and 1905 Pictures, are looking to strike a deal with Electronic Arts and DreamWorks in order give NEED FOR SPEED 2 the green light. A similar deal was struck with Paramount on TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, where that flick went on to gross over $300 million in China alone. While no cast or crew has been put together yet, I can imagine that China would play a heavy factor in regards to the locales and story if a deal is struck.

NEED FOR SPEED didn't exactly win audiences over, but as the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise proves time and time again, there definitely is a need for speed. You may be surprised to know that NEED FOR SPEED actually brought in $200 million worldwide, so a sequel isn't out of the question. Incidentally, you can head on over to our Awfully Good column that just went up today, where NEED FOR SPEED is featured along with REDLINE. Aaron Paul doesn't look like he has much on his plate right now, so I wouldn't be surprised to find him back in the driver's seat.

Throw Kimmel in the passenger seat and I'm game for NEED FOR SPEED 2.

Source: Deadline



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